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Victorian & Edwardian Photographs

from The Roger Vaughan Collection and Visitors Photographs

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As I get them, I will add to this site with photos sent to me by enquirers
with their kind permission
Roger Vaughan 2002-2006

1890s Australian 'Victorian Field Artillery'

Glass Plate Photos from Cheltenham, UK. (1890s)

Charles and Selina Farlie

The Photographer C.J.Farlie of Woolwich. UK.

Some Nice Early 20th Century Cabinet Cards

Joseph Buckley - Photographer

Joseph Buckley Photographer of Ashton-under-Lyne


The Photographic Studio of Emilian Fehrenbach

Roughly Date a Victorian Photograph

Visitors' Photographs (Continued)

New book Darwin's Mentor by Max Walters and Anne Stow

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New! An A -Z list of Bristol City Photographers - compiled from Trade Directories: Name, Address and Dates - also sorted by Date.

Bristol (U.K.) Photographers 1852 - 1972)

New! 1855 Royal Family, House of Peers and House of Commons Lists with some Bishops and Deans

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Watercolour Painting by Roger Vaughan


Six Society Ladies from 1885

Six Ladies

About the Roger Vaughan Collection

Roger Vaughan Collection 2006