Eton School Lists

1791 to 1850

Second Edition

by H.E.C.Stapylton



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Eton School Lists 1791 - 1850 (Second Edition) is now available as a scanned image book on CD.

9.00 UK. (16.00 US$) (incl Postage and Packing)

Suitable for all modern PCs (not for AppleMac)

Eton School Lists CD

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About the Eton CD

Half Page Sample (102KB)

Full Page Sample (238KB)

Sample of part of an Index Page (88KB)

The CD contains all 273 text pages of the book plus the introduction and Masters, Cricket and Boat Crews lists. The pages of text have been scanned so that each page is viewed as a JPEG image and linked using web technology (HTML). All the pages are linked and names can easily be found by using the books original index or it can be accessed by year or page number.

The book is a list of boys attending Eton from 1791 to 1850 and listed every third year, with boys falling between in an Intermediate List. It is then possible to tell who was at school at the same time, or in the same class or if they stayed at college or came in from the town each day. Stapylton has added to his book the Christian name where known and has been able to add a few biographical words where possible. This he did by contacting the families and asking for information - this was still possible in 1864 - and using reference books : Burke's Landed Gentry, Walford's Country Families, Gentleman's Magazine, The Annual Register and other similar works.
So we learn that the schoolboy later became a soldier, an M.P, or perhaps just where his family was from, or that he went to India, and possibly how he died and when. A good number died young, and to be found here are the fallen at Waterloo and Sebastopol and other notable battles, others were bankers, went into the church or the law. It is notable that military careers were followed by many who went to Eton and often mentioned are such as the 11th Dragoons, Bengal Native Infantry, 2nd Life Guards, 7th Hussars, Rifle Brigade, Coldstream Guards, Madras Army, and many others.

Note: The scanning process has caused a few local distortions especially where the page turns into the spine - this has been mimimised as far as possible. There are no photographs of Eton schoolboys in the CD.
A few words where the original print was imperfect has been left as it was - though it is still just readable. The pages are white with the black print larger than the original for clarity.
On most PC computers the list will be wider than the screen (optimised for a 19 inch screen) but as the lists are in columns this is not a problem as moving the screen across to the second column is simple. The CD was written for a modern PC pentium or similar with each page image averaging 250 KB, this will display from the CD almost without delay on a modern machine. This book can be read directly from the CD, nothing needs to be loaded on your computer.

Many people have asked me for information from this book, so I have wanted to reproduce it for some time, and after many attempts with failed OCR, it turned out that presenting the pages as scanned images is the best way to reproduce the book without adding any errors.
. The book is now getting very rare - in twenty years of scouring old bookshops I have only ever seen this one copy, and a search of the internet failed to find a copy, so if the biographical information is what you want - then this CD is for you. I hope you find my efforts useful.


Roger F. Vaughan 2004.





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